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A free Internet Book by Michael Clarke   -   Photographs by Dorothy Clarke


Michael and Dorothy Clarke

I’m a long-retired Perth psychiatrist, born in 1929. It was my good fortune to discover yoga at 72 and during the ten years that followed it became my absorbing passion. It lead to improved physical strength and fitness and a rich sense of body-mind harmony I had never known before. It even lowered my golf handicap. I hope my story may help others, men or women, who would like to try the yoga way of slowing the ravages of time on an ageing body.

The photographs that follow are offered as a guide and a challenge to encourage people of any age to discover the same enhanced strength and fitness that yoga has provided for me. I hope it might also lead them to find the same sheer joy of living that has prompted me to write this internet book. After the photos you can read about my personal journey with yoga, how I came to it and what it did for me. I have added a chapter about osteoporosis because yoga can do a great deal to protect us from this major scourge in older people. And I hope my section Yoga For Golfers may be of interest to those who share my passion for that game.

Please be my guest!

Michael Clarke

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Michael Clarke was born in Tambellup, Western Australia in 1929, the son of a family doctor. He graduated in Medicine from the University of Adelaide in 1951 and started general practice in Doubleview, a suburb of Perth, in 1954. In 1969 he gained his higher degree in psychiatry in London and for the next 25 years worked as a consultant psychiatrist in Perth. In 1995 Michael retired and moved to the town of Denmark on the WA South coast. He is married with two sons and two daughters and Dorothy and Michael celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary in December 2011.

Previous publication by Michael Clarke:

Sexual Joy

[co-authored with Dorothy Clarke]
First published 1979 by Adis Press, Sydney
Revised edition 1989 by Pan McMillan, Sydney
Also published in New York, Pinnacle Books, 1980
Munich, Germany, 1981, revised edition 1991
Vianen, Netherlands, 1982
Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1982
Olomouc, Czech Republic, 1999



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